Pricing & Memberships

Classes at Veda Studios are affordable!

2019 Memberships: 

$30 Intro Membership

The Friends with Benefits membership is for first time Veda clients, and offered once for all renewing members. This friend based membership starts at $30 for and individual to sign up for 30 days. For each friend signing up within 30 days of purchase the membership can be extended by an additional 30 days for $30! IE

    • Bring a friend, $60/60 Days for both parties
    • Bring 2 friends, $90/90 Days for everyone
    • Bring 3 friends, $120/120 Days for everyone
    • No limit to how many friends/family members you bring!

Note: If signing up remotely as a party of 2 or more, please call the studio at (828)-708-4382 with your friend(s) names whom are also purchasing, to be eligible for additional 30 day increments.
    • The Friends with Benefits Membership also has the following member-only benefits:

$30 Add to Cart
Challenge Membership

The Wellness Membership

The wellness membership provides clients full access to all Veda classes and monthly therapeutic/massage sessions at a discounted rate!


The membership renews automatically via auto-payment on the original sale date (or nearest day) each month until cancelled.

Unlimited Access

Members will have unlimited access to all Veda Classes.

Cumulative Massage or Therapeutic Sessions

The one massage/therapeutic session per month is cumulative, if a massage is unable to be scheduled in a paid for month, the client will have two massages to be used in the next month. The accumulation is active until the membership is cancelled. If you would like to schedule a massage appointment you can use the Healing Arts page to do so, or give us a call at (828)-708-4382.


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Unlimited Month  $54


Class Packs & Drop-Ins:

10 Class Pack $72 Add to Cart
Drop-In $10/per Add to Cart